About Me

I have been immersed in the psychotherapeutic world for many years and have witnessed its positive, transformative and life-enhancing potential.

I believe that difficult life experiences can be managed and overcome, with the potential to be transformed into a source of meaning and purpose, and that counselling can help facilitate this process.  I have also experienced this firsthand, having worked through many of my own life challenges, through counselling and psychotherapy.

I am passionate about supporting others on their own individual quests towards psychological health and recovery, and a way of living that is fulfilling and authentic to who they truly are.


My Approach

I work in a way that is transpersonal and integrative, and have been particularly influenced by psychosynthesis counselling. This means that I will draw from different psychological approaches in order to help you explore in depth the issues that you bring, whilst encouraging you to consider that there is more to you than these issues.

This often involves looking at your past and present experiences in addition to future aspirations.

I will incorporate exploration of life meaning, purpose, and spiritual growth, where appropriate. I may also draw your attention to the interconnectedness of body, mind, emotions and spirit and of the necessity for healing on each of these levels.

My Experience

In addition to my current counselling practice, I co-facilitate an NHS peer support group for patients receiving treatment for an eating disorder and have previously assisted groups within eating disorder and addiction inpatient settings.

I also work as a yoga teacher where I facilitate the development of a compassionate mind-body connection and have taught yoga to recovering addicts in a prison. I am additionally an approved therapist with Anxiety UK.

With this in mind, whatever is troubling you, however big or small it may seem, I offer a warm, safe and confidential space.

anxiety uk accredited therapist
bacp accredited therapist

My Accreditations

BSc Psychology 
      – University of Birmingham (2007)
Foundation in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy
      – IATE (2012)
Postgraduate Diploma Psychosynthesis Counselling
      – Psychosynthesis Trust (2019)
Practitioner Skills for working with Eating Disorders
      - NCFED (2019)

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